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"This report is fantastic!  Thank you for your conscientious work.  If anyone ever asks me for a recommendation for a home inspection, you're it!  Bob Tindall

"I had no idea your report would be so thorough! Thank you so much! " Bob Collins

"I just wante so say thanks again for the home inspection today.  After reading this report, I can appreciate teh amount of work that went into it.  It was very comprehensive especially with all the photos.  I also learned a few things along the way."  Tom Logrippo

"Thank you for a job well done.  You were very informative and this knowledge will be used continuously when maintaining our home."  Dale Tromski

"It takes a lot but I'm IMPRESSED!"  Chris Capaul

"WOW your really fast.  I only just took a glance this morning and I must say this is very impressive.  This purchase is my 5th house and I honestly have not had an inspection that was so thorough.  The pictures will be very helpful to my limited mechanical mind."  Judy Jarboe

"Thank you for the great report!  I only had time to scan through it quickly, but this really helps.  We had some questions about the operations of things and I think you nailed all of them!"  Susan Bartlett

"Thank you so much for your extremely efficient report.  I really appreciated that you included so many pictures."  Beatrice  Dankanich

"It was good talking with you today about what you found needing corrective work while inspecting our future home.  Your report was really thorough and covered every facet of the homesite.  My compliments to you for the very comprehensive presentation.  The framework and photo documentation clearly defined the issues needing repair before closing.  As a retired Electrical Engineer I appreciate your very professional work and would recommend you and your Firm to any buyer needing inspection services."  Dick Pawell

"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our home inspection!  It was very informative and we loved the pictures you took of the inside and outside.  I learned a lot about our new home just by reading your report.  Again, thank you for a great job!  We will highly recommend you to others!"  Bob and Rosalee Stoeffler

"Just completed review of your report.  That is the most professional and thorough inspection report I have ever seen.  I certainly feel much better and am much more informed about the house after reviewing your report.  Many thanks.  Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future if it would help you.  My degree is in mechanical engineering  and I am a very detailed guy.  It takes a lot to impress me and you certainly have done that.  Many thanks for your services.  Absolutely superb!"   Steve Kennedy

"Thank you for doing such a good job.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and we would recommend yo to our friends." Shari Dearing

"Thank you for the extensive report on your inspection of the house that I am purchasing.  It was so detailed in text and pictures.  I have printed it off, put it in a notebook and know it will be immensely useful in the future.  I refer to it often now to see if my furniture might fit, etc.  Thanks so much."  Carol Moff

"We would like  to thank you for the excellent and concise report you did for the house at 375 Sherwood Street.  Thank you for walking the roof.  We rarely see that service.  We are so pleased."  Donald and Leone Thompson

"Thank you for the report... It is well done, and complete... and goes far beyond that our expectations were.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends, who may need an inspection... thanks again."  Jim and Emily Bruggy

"This report was very impressive and very thorough.  You certainly should take pride in your report."  Joanne Joachim

"Your attention to my words/my wishes; your thoroughness and attention to detail; your friendly and helpful walk-along explanation of the process; and your valuable, easily understood, well presented report with words and photos of the home inspection were way beyond my expectations.  Great job!     Bill Schikora

"Thanks for the most thorough inspection report that I have ever seen!!!  Just wanted to let you know my husband David just finished reading the inspection report .  He said that we had to keep a copy because it told us everything we needed to know for maintenance!! That's high praise indeed!!"  Dianna Blankenship, PhD, JD

"Thank you for the home inspection report you preformed for us. We were very satisfied with how through you were. You did an excellent job." Gary Krock

"We were very impressed with your inspection, and resulting detailed documentation by email (the checkoff list was VERY helpful), and WOW, the total 101 page PRINTED report you got out to us so very quickly was fantastic - with all the extra information packed into it as well.  Extremely impressive.  As a matter of fact, the paint rep from Kling Painting came to us with his printout that he was flipping thru as he came in the door commented very positively to us on his own that Harwood always does such a great detailed inspection.  So Kudos to you from them."  Alan Hooper

 "I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with me with all my questions I had.  You did an outstanding job and please feel free to use us as a referral in the future."  Frank and Debi Palumbo

"I have never seen such a thorough and professional inspection or report.  I have owned several homes, but still there are some new items and technologies here, and your educational comments will be greatly appreciated.  I intend to create a spreadsheet of maintenance items and timing so that I can keep things in good shape."  Jim Teague

"Thank you Brian!  THis is certainly the most extensive inspection report we have received.  Great job, and I will work with Villages warranty on repairs.  It was a pleasure meeting you!"  Larry and Debbye Wunderle

"Brian:  Thank you for the inspection report. You are one on the most professional contractors I have ever work with. You are a credit to your industry.  I will be contacting the contractors that have performed work on my home and show them your report to have the required work completed.  Again, thank you again for a very through inspection report. I will pass your contact information to my friends."  Charlie Howlett

"Hello Brian, Thank you for your prompt report!  We have already been contacted by Stacy with The Villages Home Warranty office to confirm she received a copy of the report and our contact phone number was correct.  She also informed us we will be receiving calls next week to schedule for repairs.  It was a pleasure meeting you today and we wanted you to know we will 'highly recommend' your inspection service.  Thank you for a job well done!  Enjoy your weekend."  Carol & Roger Kruse

"Thank you Brian for being so thorough! It has been a pleasure to work with such a Professional and by far the best experience.   Like I said on the phone you are worth your weight in gold ." Mark and Ann Cassara

"Thank you for your very thorough home inspection.  We will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a good, reputable home inspector."  Dotty and Carl Sandquist

"Thanks for a very thorough inspection and a detailed report that I would not have imagined.  It would be my pleasure to refer you to other villagers." Harvey and Beverly Fixler

"Just had our 1-year home inspection by Harwood Inspection Services (Brian Harwood: 352-638-6288) and could not have been happier.  I am sure there are many excellent, qualified inspection services in The Villages, but I can't see how Brian Harwood could be topped.  Brian spent 4 1/2 hours inspecting our house and came up with a comprehensive "punch list" which he submitted to The Villages Warranty Dept. on our behalf the same day as the inspection.  He took hundreds of photos and documented some major flaws (roof and attic insulation) as well as minor finishing detals only a seasoned expert who know what they were looking for would find.  In addition to the document sent to the Warranty Department, Brian also sent us a 102 page document not only detailing every shingle flaw, but also how to maintain our home!  I only regret that I did not have Brian inspect the home when we first purchased the home.  Should you chose Brian before your 1 year is up, I suggest you plan ahead as his services are in high demand and he may book a few weeks out."  Mark and Kate Carey


"Good morning Brian, Don and I would like to thank you so much for your diligence in conducting our 1 year inspection. You arrived early, mindful that we have inside cats when opening doors. You have an easy personality, ready to answer questions and I was amazed at how thorough you were. The reports were way above anything we were expecting. If any potential client asks to talk to a client of yours before contracting you, we would be more than happy to speak to them.  Again Thank You.  Kind regards." Don and Julie Crayne

"Thank you so much for the incredible inspection! I appreciated you taking your time and being so patient while answering questions and explaining everything to us.  You are amazing!" Annie Seigworth and and Jacob Whitehead

"Hi, Brian, It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the report and helpful home maintenance tips, which we will be sure to follow.  We were already impressed with your attention to detail during the inspection of our home. Now that we've seen your final report we are even more impressed! You obviously enjoy what you do and take great pride in your work. We are so happy we chose you to do our inspection and will most definitely recommend you to others any chance we get.  Best regards." Bill and Bonnie Brooks

"Brian,  It was our pleasure meeting you, as well. We found everything very informative and appreciate what a thorough job you did. You came highly recommended and you didn’t disappoint. We are happy to pass on your information to others." Kathy Merrifield

"Brian, it was a pleasure doing business with you, thanks for you thorough and detailed  report.  I've gone over it a couple of times and will print out a hard copy for myself to make it easier to for me to focus on the recommended repairs. I would happily recommend you to others when needed.  Thanks again,  Dave Deck"

"Thank you, Brian! Del and I enjoyed meeting you and are pleased with the quality of the inspection you provided. We'll be sure to recommend you to our friends!" Del and Tammy Houghton

"Hi Brian,  Thank you for the quick follow up getting us the report. I will go through it and let you know if I have questions.  

As I mentioned yesterday, you are extremely through and knowledgeable, which is not common with your competitors.  I have no reservation recommending to our friends or anyone that may need your services.  It is a pleasure working with you as well, Thank you again,  Dave Isenberg"

"Brian, Thank you for your help and expertise. Best wishes for continued success in your business.  We will certainly call on you if we or anyone we know needs an inspection."  Shirley Lucore

" Brian, Jan and I would like to thank you for your professionalism and diligence on our behalf during our recent home inspection. We have received and studied all the emails containing our inspection photos and explanations. They are clear,  concise and easy to understand. We have already been contacted by some of the contractors and have scheduled appointments beginning tomorrow. We’ll keep you appraised as the project moves forward. Thank you again. It was our pleasure to have had you perform this service for us. Sincerely, Jan and Don Phillips"

"Hi Inspector Harwood: Thank you so much. I am really impressed with your report. I truly appreciate all of the information and advise your report contains. I will be referring to this often.  My husband passed away a few years ago and he just took care of most everything.  All of this extra help and advise you are giving me and how to prevent problems is amazing.  I just can't thank you enough."  Sue Williams

"Thank you for your professional inspection and detailed report.  This will be very helpful in tracking the repairs and having knowledge about what the contractors will be working on.  Thanks again, Gary Mundinger"

"Brian, Thanks for your very thorough and professional job.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others with inspection needs." Al and Donna Steves

"Wow!  What an extensive report.  Thanks for everything you did."  Bob Kavalunas

"Brian, We both wanted to tell you thanks for doing such a good job on the inspection document.  It made it easy for us to see where the problems were and review it with the repairman."  Paul and Jayne Richgels

"Brian, I appreciate your help and the very thorough inspection reports that you provided to me and to the warranty office here at The Villages. I received a call from the Warranty office the afternoon that you performed the inspection and submitted your report. Contractors/subs were out here to make some minor repairs on the morning of the second day following the call.

I am still going through the detailed report that you provided to me and find the information very useful.  Please feel free to use my name for any future recommendations or references concerning your house inspection services." Patricia Montejunas

"Hi Brian, we enjoyed meeting you also. Thanks for performing such a professional and through inspection. If You ever need a reference from a satisfied customer don’t hesitate to contact us. Thx, Jim West"