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New Construction - Specific Issues Inspection Report

Buyers Inspection Report

Builder Warranty Home Inspection Report

Our Report - Customized just for you!

Our home inspection reports are superior to any other report on the market. We provide you with a computer generated inspection report completely documenting our inspection, customized to your individual home. Our reports include photographs and a ratings check list system that is easy to read, easy to understand and allows for detailed comments. All designed to help you see and understand critical areas of the home you normally would not see. By showing you existing problems and identifying repairs that may be necessary now, or in the future, you'll know exactly what you are purchasing

Color Photo Documentation - Color photographs are a vital part of every home inspection we do. Not only does it help us in evaluating your property, but it also helps you to further understand the complicated details of your purchase. With each report we integrate extensive photographs, allowing you to see exactly where we've been, the condition of the item or area at the time of the inspection and whether or not there are issues. This will allow you to see critical areas of the home, like up on the roof or in the attic. "See What We See."

4-Point Insurance Inspection Report

Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection Report