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Know that your inspector is licensed and fully qualified

Home inspectors in Florida are regulated by The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regualtion and are only issued licensure after meeting all of the state regulations. Harwood Inspection Services, LLC has met these strict guidlines and has been issued license #HI4740.

Prior to legally operating as a home inspector in Florida, each inspector must go through a rigourous certification process which involves:

A 120 hour certification program to demonstrate proficiency. This process is conducted by numerous state certified programs. All of our inspectors receive their state certification from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). ASHI is nationally recognized as the premier certification program for home inspectors and has literally wrote the book on home inspection standards. This ensures that your home inspector has received the most comprehensive and highest quality training and has been tested and certified by the best!

Once the applicant has passed the initial certification, he must then pass the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE). This extensive four hour, 200 question exam covers inspection methods, reporting, building systems including exterior systems, structural systems, roofing systems, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, insulating and ventilating systems, plumbing systems, interior systems, fireplace and chimney systems and professional practice.

Those who pass the certification and testing phases are fingerprinted and submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement where they must pass a background check. As part of the licensing process, all applicants must prove that they carry general liability insurance.

Going beyond the minimum requirements

At Harwood Inspection Services, LLC, our inspectors are nationally certified by both the American Soiciety of Home Inspectors (ASHI - www.ashi.org, member ID: 251563) and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI - www.nachi.org, member ID:NACHI11081604). They are also state registered with the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI - www.fabi.org, member ID: RPI-0840)

As in any profession, it is important to align yourself with the best in the business. And the American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (ASHI) is the oldest and most respected home inspector association. The only one recognized as a certifying body by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is the only association that requires applicants for membership to meet specific requirements prior to their acceptance as members. NACHI turns down more than half its applicants each year, because they fail to meet NACHI'’s standards of qualification. Then, to keep his membership, a home inspector must adhere to the association’s standards of practice and code of ethics. Here are some of their requirements for membership:

Must pass a home inspector’s examination upon application, as well as annually, to ensure its membership is truly qualified as a home inspector and keeping up on the latest developments in the industry.

Must pass NACHI’'s Standards of Practice exam and abide by these high standards in their dealings with clients.

Once the exams have been passed, the applicant must produce an Affidavit, attesting to their experience.

Once membership is conferred, all member home inspectors must adhere to NACHI’'s Code of Ethics, fulfill annual continuing education requirements, and attend periodic meetings of their local chapter of the association.

Compared to other home inspector associations, NACHI has very stringent qualifications for membership; therefore, you can be assured that a home inspector, who is a member of NACHI, will be qualified, experienced and have your best interests at the forefront with honesty and trust.

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), founded in 1976, is North America’s oldest professional society of home inspectors. ASHI’s goals have always been to build customer awareness of the importance of a quality home inspection and enhance the professionalism of home inspectors.

As in any profession, it is important to align yourself with the best in the business. And the American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (ASHI) is the oldest and most respected home inspector association. The only one recognized as a certifying body by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

To be considered for membership and certification, each applicant must submit 250 fee based inspections for review by ASHI's Certification Board. The board reviews each of the inspections for compliance with ASHI's Standards of Practice. Once the board determines that their stringent standards have been meet, the applicant is then, and only then, approved for membership and certification.

The Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc. has promoted professionalism in the industry through qualifying their members to assure the public’s confidence. Applicants to FABI must pass a written examination, have their inspection report reviewed and show proof of a required number of inspections in order to qualify for membership. They must also adhere to FABI’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and earn continuing education credits by attending regular conferences/workshops to maintain their membership and keep their proficiencies current.

Our inspectors are Certified Residential Thermographers trained in Infrared Inspections for Electrical, Roof Moisture and Energy Efficiency.


IR Electrical Inspections

Infrared Inspections of electrical equipment identify excess heat on electrical apparatus and detect electrical issues such as loose connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, overloaded or imbalanced circuits and a myriad of other problematic electrical conditions.

IR Roof Moisture Inspections

Infrared Thermography detects moisture and identifies where it has become entrained (drawn into and transportable within a roof system) long before it breaks through and drips down a wall or onto a floor below.

IR Energy Inspections and Building Shell Audits

Only thermal imaging gives precise visualization of temperature differences due to air infiltration (cold or warm air coming in), air exfiltration (warm or cool air escaping), missing insulation and moisture damage, which cannot be seen with the human eye.

About our Company

Harwood Inspection Services, LLC is a professional full-service home inspection company serving all of Central Florida including Marion, Sumter and Lake counties. All of our Home Inspectors are state licensed and certified, fully Insured and are experienced and professional in every aspect.

We are always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology where we are committed to bring you the best inspection experience possible with the highest standards in the industry.